Why Marrakech Makes the Perfect Family Holiday


The Beast from the East has had us all thinking about our summer holiday plans over the last couple of weeks. It’s now technically Spring, but we’ve endured a cold, dull and – well, white couple of weeks! But if you’re anything like me, you may like going on holiday to similar places every year. But why do we do this to ourselves when there’s so much of the world to see?!

Returning to a favourite holiday destination feels safe; you know you won’t be disappointed. But why go for the tried and tested on holiday? It seems a bit of a waste after all, and it’s likely that your expectations will be heightened through rose-tinted nostalgia. It’s therefore almost inevitable that your enjoyment will not live up to your (over inflated) expectations.

Family holidays should be an adventure, and if well-planned you’ll all have the time of your life. So why not choose the holiday of a lifetime?

When in Marrakech…

  1. Be Bazaar!

Marrakech markets are world famous for their liveliness and vibrancy.  Nothing quite prepares you for the thrilling sensory bombardment. Snake charmers, henna tattoo and souvenirs stalls by day (the stalls almost overflow with colourful, diverse goods); by night, the market has a different flavour, with exceptional Moroccon food and dancing.

  1. Rock the Kasbah

You won’t find a better place to discover Marrakech’s history than by visiting a village like Aït Benhaddou. Extraordinarily vast, complex and well-preserved, Aït Benhaddou boasts a collection of some of the finest Kasbahs in Morocco.

  1. Climb the Atlas (Mountains)

Marrakech is a lively place; sometimes it’s important to get away from the hustle and bustle for a bit. A trek into the Atlas Mountains will be a breathtaking experience with stunning, panoramic views, goats and lush flora.

 Relax Like a Moroccan

After all that walking and sight-seeing, you’ll be ready for a bath! The Moroccan Hammam ritual involves moving through rooms of different temperatures, before washing in cold water. Then, a body wash and massage to finish! Can you think of a more relaxing way to finish your holiday?

Marrakech is a buzzing holiday destination with lots going on to keep the whole family entertained. Exposure to different cultures is great for the social and educational development of children; this city is engaging and stimulating – you may struggle to get them home!


Culturally vibrant, lively, sensually exciting, and offering a unique blend of history and modernity, Marrakech is the perfect place for your next family adventure. What are you waiting for?!

Where was your most adventurous family holiday?

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Why Marrakech Makes the Perfect Family Holiday




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  1. March 13, 2018 / 3:58 pm

    We adored our holiday to Marrakech a few years ago and would 100% recommend to other families.

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