Why Private Jet Journeys May Become More Affordable

For the average person, private jet hire seems a world away, being accessible only to the wealthiest people. Whilst it is true that private jet journeys are very expensive, it could be the case that they will become more affordable in the near future (they are already 10-20% cheaper than they were six years ago). This is for a number of reasons, so here are some of the main ones.


There are now more and more private jet companies being set up such as Fly Victor, meaning that competition in this sector is growing. With a greater number of companies to compete with, it is likely that many private jet companies will either have to lower their prices or update their aircraft to continue attracting customers.

Since the world is now so interconnected, there are plenty of destinations which private jet companies can offer to their customers, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for more private jet companies to thrive, increasing overall competition.


Technological advances in plane technology are also likely to result in cheaper flights overall. More fuel efficient engines are constantly be developed, which can significantly reduce fuel consumption (and thus the cost) of the average plane journey. Advanced engines and plane design may also be able to speed up journey times, meaning that private jet companies may also be able to complete more journeys in any given period of time.

All this should contribute to significantly reduced costs for customers in the long term, and it could be the case that private jets will one day be used by the public on a much wider sscale than they are currently.

May Become Outdated

When you think of other methods of travel which were once considered luxurious, and reserved only for the privileged few (ferries, trains, and even regular planes), they all became more affordable and accessible over time, usually as a result of more advanced modes of travel becoming available.

Companies like Bombardier and Tesla are already working on new methods of transport which could greatly speed up journeys (London to New York in 20 minutes, for example), so these could attract the wealthier customers, with private jet travel being taken over by those with a slightly smaller wallet.

These are some of the reasons private jets may become more affordable in the near future. So, for those who are looking to travel in comfort and style, private jet hire may not be as inaccessible as they think.


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