19 Weeks Pregnant

This week I’ve STILL been feeling sick. I’m so over being sick!! I’ve STILL been tired too – but I am coping with it better by having an early evening bath and chilling out in bed with a magazine before an early night. I’m just having to give into it!!

I’ve put on about 7 1/2 pounds since I got pregnant which I think is ok, although I’m a little worried my bump hasn’t grown a huge amount. I’ll worry about anything!

Our 20 week scan is next week – we won’t be finding out the gender – I really don’t want to know just yet, I like the surprise when the baby is here – although I would like to know so I can go shopping and decorate the nursery etc. Gender neutral it is then…and the lack of clothes shopping does save my bank balance!

The baby has been kicking and Daddy has even felt a couple of the kicks. I can go through a lot of the day without feeling it though – much like my first pregnancy – I will be counting the kicks soon enough.

I have also felt the tell tale pains of what I think is probably the beginning of SPD. I had this quite badly with Jelly Baby but I felt it earlier on so I am still hopeful I won’t get it too badly.

So here is the bump pic…



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