4 Weeks Old

Mums will always say this – but I cannot believe the little dude is 4 weeks old already. It feels like he has been with us forever and yet time is going fast.

Feeding him has gotten much easier. He is putting on lots of weight now and it is much less painful to feed him. I was always going to breastfeed but I have struggled a little bit this time but I am so so glad we persevered.

Sprout is so much more awake now – which was a real shock at first! We had been spoilt with this really placid sleepy baby and all of a sudden he won’t be put down. I will need to figure out his pattern and form a routine or else I will never get anything done!

I have started driving again now, although I do find it difficult to carry the car seat and get the pushchair out of the car. It is so lovely to get out of the house again though and nice for the girls to get out and about more like we used to.

Every day I love this little dude even more and more…



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