6 Great Kitchen Tips For Entertaining


If you’re someone who often has friends and family in and out of their home, it’s more than likely that you’ll all gather in the kitchen. Keep in mind these six tips, and you’ll always be prepared for any visitor that knocks on your front door.

  1. Be well stocked

Firstly, you should make sure you have all of the necessary equipment for hosting such as wine glasses, extra plates, extra cutlery, etc. Then, you should ensure your fridge is well stocked with snacks and ingredients that you can quickly prepare in the event of an unexpected dinner party. Avoid meals that require constant stirring or foods that you have to check constantly. Remember that for a dinner party, keeping it simple is the best way to succeed.


  1. Set the right ambience

Wherever you go, the so why should it be any different in your home? Your guests will appreciate an ambience that makes them feel relaxed and welcome. This can be done with simple things such as lighting, music and even a vase of fresh flowers.


  1. Be flexible

Although it would probably be a lot easier if your guests gave you a prior warning, unexpected drop-ins aren’t the worst thing in the world. Being flexible is a great skill to have for these occasions, and it gives you a chance to remain stress-free when it comes to preparing food and drinks for your visitors. If you have a dinner party planned, prep as much as you can beforehand or even ask some of your more reliable friends to contribute to the meal by bringing drinks, desserts or side dishes.


  1. Clean as you go

It might seem unnecessary to wash everything as soon as it’s been used but once your visitors have left it will give you more time to relax. A pile of dishes at the end of the night isn’t something that anyone wants to tackle. If you have a dishwasher, make sure that you empty it before your guests arrive so you can load it quickly and not have to worry.


  1. Keep the drinks flowing

As well as keeping your fridge well stocked, it’s helpful to keep some drinks on hand for your visitors. Whether you’re a wine buff, a beer drinker or would rather keep some soft drinks available, you’ll want to make sure they’re all chilled. If you’re looking to buy a bar fridge, Corr Chilled have a range available that are suitable for cooling bottles and provide an attractive display in your kitchen.


  1. Think about space

If you frequently have visitors, then you’ve probably designed your kitchen to represent this. If not, you could opt for a layout that gives you and your guests plenty of room. An island kitchen layout is ideal for those who want their kitchen to be a hub of social activity. If you have a smaller home or apartment, a straight-line kitchen may be the best option, especially if it contains fully integrated appliances to minimise clutter.

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6 great kitchen tips for entertaining.



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