6 weeks old

It has been 6 weeks since this little dude entered our lives and we simply adore him. I often catch the girls looking at him, trying to play with him and talk to him – he is so very much loved!

He is still putting on lots of weight and the breastfeeding is so much easier now he is a little bit bigger and chunkier so it’s easier to hold him to feed. He has started storing up his poos though and is doing two mega (and I mean mega) poos each day – the leaky sort. I’ve been using Just for Bums nappies from Kiddicare but I am going to see if Pampers or Huggies are any better at containing the explosion!

I am working at getting him into a little routine. He will usually feed every 3/4 hours and I am getting to know his tired cues so if I catch him at the right time I can put him down to nap in his cot awake and he will drift off to sleep on his own. I have the morning nap and after lunch nap organised but the afternoon / evening is still very much a work in progress – I’m going to try to tackle this in the next couple of weeks. As much as I like snuggling him all evening I would also like to get some time back to myself.

I have been feeling much better physically – driving around and getting back to normal. But we spent the weekend at Lollibop which involved a long car journey and lots of walking which meant that my back and scar are now really really painful. I’m taking Ibuprofen again and resting up but it serves as a reminder that my body is nowehere near recovered from the c-section just yet.

Here is my perfect little dude at 6 weeks…



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