A Family Photo – June 2018

This month’s family photos were both taken in Bluestone where we spent the most wonderful week this month. You can read all about our little break here but suffice to say we had a wonderful time.

The first photo was taken outside the lake where we had a couple of lovely walks. There were some really tiny ducklings there which the children absolutely loved. It was sunny and warm enough to have a lovely long stroll and appreciate the beauty of the nature around us.

This second photo was taken outside our lodge, which as fate would have it was exactly the same lodge we had stayed in a couple of years previously. What a great opportunity to see how we have changed! This is us this year…

And this is us there two years ago! I think it’s safe to say that the children have grown well in that time!

The weather this June has been completely fantastic, I hope you have all had a great month enjoying the sun and I’m hoping that it lasts for July too!


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