A Family Photo May 2016

I love taking these family photos once a month and I can’t believe that I’ve managed it for 5 months! Whenever we are all together as a family of 5 on a day out everyone is well used to me balancing the camera on something, setting the timer and making everyone look happy for 10 seconds while the camera clicks away!

It is harder to get these shots than you would think. I never usually have my tripod with me so I usually have to balance the camera on the hood of the pushchair and focus in on a child or two to get the shot and then make everyone gather round, set the timer, run to join them and hope for the best! It usually takes about 30 photos to get ‘the one’!

Next month I’ll share in one post with you the last 6 months of photos but if you want to look back just click on the family photo tag. I’m looking forward to the end of the year when I can do something creative with all the pictures!

So here is our photo for May. It was taken outside our lodge at Bluestone where we went on holiday. It was the best little break away and I wanted this month’s photo to reflect that. We didn’t have great weather but we were all together and relaxed and that along made it perfect.

family photo may 2016

So goodbye to May and tomorrow we say hello to June. Let’s hope we get good weather for some fun adventures!


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