A Gold, Wood & White Scandi Nursery Tour

A Gold, Wood & White Scandi Nursery Tour

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I’ve spent the last couple of months working on the baby’s nursery. We don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl so the nursery had to be gender neutral and it is the fourth gender neutral nursery we have had so I will admit I was running out of ideas! The girls nurseries were from a time before I was blogging but you can take a look at Little Boy’s nursery here. It was in our old house and it was such a tiny room which meant that it was easy to decorate but also it was nice this time to have so much space to work with.

There is carpet in this room which I wouldn’t normally have in a child’s bedroom so we will look at removing it and restoring the floorboards in a year or two, but for now we are sticking with the carpet. We did choose a rug to go over the carpet, not because it was needed but because it really brings the look together. This rug was from Homebase, I can’t find the exact one online but this is very similar, and it only cost £40.

The cot is from Mamas and Papas and is basically what I designed the whole room around! It’s a cot bed so it will last us about 4 years and I just love that it is a bit modern and unique. I haven’t bought any bedding for it yet apart from sheets but we have been given a white cotbed duvet to use when the baby is much older and before then we’ll probably just use baby sleeping bags. I already have an airwrap mesh that will go around the bars but it is on the crib in our room until the baby is in this room.

The chest of drawers is the Hemnes 8 drawers set from Ikea. I’ve wanted these for ages but just didn’t have somewhere to put them. I made them look a bit more unique by changing the handles over for these gold ones I found on Amazon.

This is going to double up as the baby changing table so we have on top a changing mat that I bought from Amazon, it has higher sides to help stop the baby from rolling off. On the top I have just some general nappy changing bits and bobs like my washable wipes and alcoholic hand gel. Above the chest of drawers are these three prints I bought from a seller on Etsy and put into these frames from Wilkinsons. I love these prints, they are so cute and have gold foil detail on.

The wardrobe is also from Ikea and is actually the same one as we have in our bedroom. We put two rails inside as the baby’s clothes will be quite small and it is a huge space so we have plenty of hanging room. I picked up some flocked hangers from Amazon to use in there but as we don’t know baby’s gender I haven’t bought any clothes to hang in there yet. I put the same gold handles on the wardrobe so that it would fit in with the chest of drawers.

In the corner we have an old Ikea Poang chair which I have dressed with a blanket from TK Maxx and a cushion that came out of another room in the house. Next to this is an Ikea Kallax storage unit with two of the storage boxes. I’m hoping to fill this up with toys and books. On top I have put a tripod lamp which was a bargain at £12 from Homebase (similar here) and matches the taller tripod lamp which is in the other corner of the room which is also from Homebase. On the wall above the Kallax unit I put a gold star shaped mirror I picked up from TK Maxx.

Finally next to the wardrobe I have this white rattan laundry basket from Wilkinsons, because I like to keep the baby’s laundry separate for the first few weeks while they have sensitive skin. Next to this is a plant I picked up in Ikea (it’s a succulent so hopefully a little harder for me to kill!). On the wall above here is a print that I saw on Desenio and absolutely loved, the quote is beautiful and it’s in a gold foil. The frame is also from Desenio.

So there we have it, there’s a little look at our baby’s nursery, I absolutely love it. The only thing I might add are some gold stickers to one of the walls but I think they might be a little girly so I’m waiting to see if baby is a boy or a girl!

I hope you like this little room tour, I have also filmed a tour of it for my YouTube channel so do have a watch, although it won’t be up for a couple of weeks probably. Feel free to share this post with your friends too or Pin it for later…

Gold, Wood and White Nursery


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