Are Your Car Tyres Safe This Winter?

Are Your Car Tyres Safe This Winter?

A couple of weekends ago you’ll remember I went off to a Nespresso event in Cardiff. I left all three kiddies with their Daddy for a couple of hours. On his way to Messy Church Daddy ran over a nail and got a flat tyre. Luckily he managed to get to church and people could help him with the tyre and the children and he was able to put the spare tyre on.

Of course since then have we found the time to buy a new spare tyre? No. In fact after reading this infographic from Michelin I’m going to make it top priority this weekend – it is so important to have safe tyres, especially for me who uses the car at least twice a day. I tend to leave car related things to the hubby but I should really take on more responsibility for it myself.

A recent Mumsnet survey showed that whilst safety is the key consideration , 38% didn’t know the legal tread depth, 67% were unaware of the penalty for having bald tyres (which is a min. 3 points per tyre, plus a fine in the UK) and 38% only checked their tyre pressures twice a year or less….

Michelin infographic 27.11.14 v1

I’ll be honest – I’ve never even thought about putting winter tyres on the car. I guess I always imagined that they were for when it got really very badly snowy and in this country they were unnecessary. These stats from Michelin clearly show how wrong I was.

MTOP_SNACKING_UK_DAD+CHILD_M&R3MTOP_SNACKING_UK_DAD_M&R1So, are your car tyres safe this winter?

This post was written in collaboration with Mumsnet and Michelin.  I have not received any payment for this, however by taking part I will be entered into a prize draw.


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