Create Modern Spaces on A Tight Budget

Create Modern Spaces on A Tight Budget

Just because you have a strict budget, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the modern home style you have always wanted. There are many great and inexpensive ways you can completely transform your home interior without spending a fortune. Here are some of our best cost-effective tips to create contemporary spaces in your home:

De-clutter your space
A cluttered home is not a modern home. Modernity is all about crisp and clean interiors. The first thing you should do is de-clutter the entire house. If you have a lot of unused furniture, consider donating it and moving it out of your home altogether. This will help to free up more space, giving you plenty of room to get creative and re-design with more freedom.

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Let natural sunlight in
Pull back the curtains and let as much daylight into your home as possible. If you have a small house with very few windows, you may want to consider installing a stylish skylight. Skylights have made a huge impact on the way modern designers and homeowners choose to style their homes. They provide a great supply of natural light, helping to open up an entire room and make it feel more modern and sophisticated. You can find out more information here.

Painting techniques
Paint is one of the most effective and cheapest ways you can bring a sense of modernity into your home. Once you have decided on the colour, you should also paint a few pieces of furniture in the same colour palette as the walls. This may sound unusual, but this colour technique can help visually enlarge the space. You can also add a few décor items to help compliment this even further. Items such as cushions and coloured frames are subtle ways to emphasise the theme and create a more modern space.

Three Rule
A new wave of ‘picture displaying trends’ have swept across the UK in the form of threes. For example, many modern homes are now displaying paintings that come in three different parts. The most common form of this is when three individual canvases each display a section of the same image. This has become known as the magic three, and is a technique used by interior specialists all over the world. You can achieve this look on a tight budget by printing an image on three separate canvases.

DIY décor items
If you have a look through Instagram or Pinterest, you will come across millions of DIY home décor tips and tricks to try at home. It’s a great way to save money and it also gives you the chance to get creative. You can even take an old box, paint it and use it as a floating shelf in your bedroom. Other examples of budget décor include making your own picture frames from painted twigs for a rustic affect and creating unique curtain tiebacks using your old rhinestone necklaces. There are hundreds of ideas out there, so do your research, pick the ones that you like best and start decorating!

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