Curtains And Bedding For A Dreamy Bedroom

We’ve done a lot of decorating in the house so far but there is still lots to do. Our bedroom is one of the rooms that is being left until last because other rooms have priority but I can’t wait until it is done and I’m already dreaming about what I’m going to do in there.

Our bedroom is a really big space and I want to make the most of the light and airy feel it currently has. I’m going to paint the walls white with one soft pink feature wall behind the bed. I’m thinking of gold and rose gold accessories to complement.

I really want a peaceful bedroom that is a bit of a sanctuary away from my crazy life – somewhere I can lay down and feel at peace! I want soft colours, soft fabrics and fairy lights! We also have huge big windows and a balcony door so curtains are a must to keep the light out in the mornings so I can get some more valuable sleep!

In terms of bedrooms I think once you have got the bedding and curtains right, you can fit everything else in around that. I love adding a few accessories that can be mixed up, but keeping the bedding and curtains the same.

dreamy bedroom


  1. A curtain is a must have to stop light coming in through our balcony door. I think it will help keep things cosy in winter too. Door curtain from Yorkshire Linen £42.50
  2. A pretty lamp is a must for adding soft lighting. This is one I have already bought from Next, £50.
  3. To go with my pale pink feature wall I’d like some soft pink bedding. King Size Duvet Cover, £55 from Debenhams.
  4. I’ve fallen in love with this gorgeous rose gold jewellery box which would look gorgeous on my chest of drawers. £60 from Pia Jewellery.
  5. Fairy lights are an absolute must for a dreamy bedroom. I love this idea of hanging photos on them, it would look great with my instagram photos. 100 warm white LED fairy lights, £19.99 from Lights 4 Fun.
  6. These beautifully coloured lights would look perfect draped around the bed. Marshmallow lights from £22.95 from Cable and Cotton.
  7. I adore this beautiful cushion in rose gold from Ted Baker. It just adds that touch of luxury sparkle! £50
  8. Finally this pretty voile curtain from Yorkshire Linen would make a pretty alternative to a full curtain, to put on top of blinds perhaps. £10.99

What do you think? I can’t wait to get started on my bedroom and turn it into a cosy, dreamy place to be.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.



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