Easy Spring Cleaning for Busy Families

When the daffodils start taunting you with their bouncy, fresh, bright yellow heads you may want to give your house the clean of its life but quite simply not have the time. Here are a few tips to get you started, breaking what might a daunting task into easy to manage timeframes:

If you only have a few hours:

Reach for the vacuum cleaner and use it to get rid of some of the dust around the home.

As you vacuum the floors in each room, use the nozzle on your vacuum to go along the side of skirting boards, shelves and TV units. It’s much faster than dusting and should reach most of the dust.

Top Tip: If your nozzle is too big to get into the corners, attach an old toilet roll to the end and bend to shape to reach all those hard to reach nook and crannies.

If you have half a day:

Get all your vacuuming and dusting done, then at least the air in your home is clearer. Also use this time to wash skirting boards and any surfaces that aren’t carpeted. If you have front door mats, give them a good shake outside and beat all of the dirt out of them. Half a day is also a good amount of time to clear space on surfaces that have become crowded. Organise piles of paper and find the right homes for items that are taking up room.

Top Tip: If you make filing into baskets or boxes a habit, you’ll soon see your house become more organised. To help you find the right paperwork at the right time, colour-code your boxes to individual categories.


If you’ve got a whole day:

You can get loads of cleaning done in a day, just make sure you have all your cleaning products ready to go before the day arrives so that you don’t have to stop to buy more bleach, for example.

Begin the day with a declutter and bag up items that rarely get used for the charity shop and get them out of the house and into the boot of the car. Once you’ve decluttered you can find you’ll have new areas to clean and refresh. Now begin cleaning your house from bottom to top, not forgetting light fixtures, fans, mirrors and windows on your way around. For more step-by-step spring cleaning advice, there’s a helpful guide here.

Top Tip: If you have dirty grout around bathtubs and showers, sprinkle the area with baking sofa, making sure it covers the whole area. Next, using a spray bottle, apply vinegar to the baking soda and the chemical reaction does it all for you. After a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to wipe the area clean.

If you really have no time at all to tackle a big spring clean – or feel there is too much to handle by yourself – why not treat yourself to some cleaning help? The likes of Molly Maid offer spring cleaning services and can give you a great head start.

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