A Family Photo – October 2016

So, we’re over halfway through November and I still haven’t posted our October family photo – bad blogger! I love taking these photos every month and didn’t want to miss sharing this one with you all so I hope that you don’t mind it being so late! I still haven’t taken November’s photo so I must remember to take that one and get it up in a timely manner!

October like all months was crazy busy in our house. Work has become really busy for me and so Little Boy is doing an extra morningĀ in nursery. We’ve been having work done on our hallway too which has been quite intrusive but that will all be finished by the end of November which is a relief.

Basically what I’m trying to explain is that days out and family time has become less and less over the past few months. We always seem to be flying from one place to the next. We have tried to have a couple of quiet hours each weekend to rest and recharge the batteries but with three children who all want to be doing something at different times that can be quite difficult in itself.

At the end of October we celebrated Halloween. We love Halloween and have some traditions that we follow, one of which being that we have a Halloween party with some of our closest friends. The last few years we have done this at their house – they go all out with the decorations and we get plenty of trick or treaters and the children love going up and down the road trick or treating.

So this photo is taken at the Halloween party when we are all dressed up – apart from the hubby who had come straight from work to take the children out trick or treating!


Their faces make me laugh so much! It’s impossible to get a nice photo of 5 of us! I might take this month’s photo in the house to mark the end of the work we are having done this year, and at least we won’t have to go outside to take it!


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  1. November 22, 2016 / 10:07 am

    Such a wonderful halloween photo , never mind about it being late!

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