A Family Photo – September 2016

Life has been utterly crazy the last couple of months. We have been getting back into a routine and finishing the work to the kitchen which has taken up lots of our time. Hubby and I have also been really busy with work, which is great but we just haven’t had day off or a minute to ourselves lately. I feel like I am constantly on the go and I have been really run down and ill for the duration too, probably because we are so busy and stressed.

September came and went and we hadn’t even taken our monthly family photo which I was really upset about. Never mind, it is only 2 weeks late!

family photo september 2016

This photo was taken on our day out at Amelia Trust Farm last weekend. We’re all sporting our new coats which shows that the weather has gotten so much colder. Well, apart from Daddy who never feels the cold!  We had a lovely morning out, and it was nice to have a couple of hours off.

A big thank you to everyone for reading this, and making my blog the success it is, it is thanks to you that I am so busy and I am very very grateful (although a day off would be nice!).

I’m planning an October family photo that includes pumpkins or something Halloween related so fingers crossed that won’t be late!


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