How to fit twice as much in your suitcase

Sometimes, you just need a couple more outfit options for that trip abroad but your suitcase might not want to play ball. Whether it’s another pair of shoes – just in case you don’t like the ones you already chose for the evening – or a back up dress, here are a few techniques to try out, to squeeze some extra pieces into your already full suitcase:

The rolling technique

This method simply involves you taking each item of clothing you want to pack and carefully rolling it into a tight sausage shape before lining each one next to each other in the case. It’s also a great way of creating some structure in a case to avoid everything mashing together. Use rolled up socks to fill any gaps and squeeze toiletry bags in between to keep these secure and to prevent leaks.

The bundle wrapping technique

While rolling is a great way of fitting more in your suitcase it can crease clothes, but the bundle wrapping technique aims to remove this stress – so no last minute steaming your clothes in the bathroom before a night out.

Try out this method by taking your underwear and grouping this into a ‘central core’ which you then wrap the rest of your clothes around to create a neat, wrinkle free bundle which can then simply be popped into your suitcase. This technique works with everything from your women’s dresses to everyday jeans and even smart shirts and blazers. Don’t pack anything you might need in the middle of this bundle though, it’s not very accessible while on the move.

Here’s an easy to follow video tutorial.

The vacuum pack

One of the easiest ways of packing double into your suitcase is by using a vacuum pack bag that shrinks everything down into a flat package. Take a travel-friendly sized bag and place folded clothing into this before grabbing your vacuum and sucking out all the air – bear in mind that unless you can get your hands on a vacuum at your destination you won’t be able to use it on the way home.

However, for many people they’ll likely have less to take home as they use up all the sun cream and toiletries they packed initially. You should also be careful when it comes to weight, you might be able to fit more in but it will also be heavier.

Use your shoes

Clean shoes are a great tool in a suitcase for squeezing in extra smaller items such as make up, toiletries and underwear. Shoes are also ideal for keeping glass bottles – such as nail varnish, perfume or face creams – protected from the brute force they might experience when the baggage handlers get a hold of your case.

Ready to pack? Try out some of these techniques and squeeze even more in!

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how to fit twice as much in your suitcase


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