Fruity Vegan Flapjack Recipe

As you know I’ve been following a vegan diet for five months now and I’m proud to say that I’m doing really well. The one thing that I thought I would struggle with is with sweet foods. I’m not craving chocolate so much, but I do still like a sweet treat in the afternoon. I’ve been experimenting with making vegan treats and last week I modified one of my favourite flapjack recipes to make it vegan friendly. I’m pleased to say that they taste exactly the same and they went down a treat with some friends that I had over for coffee one morning.

They are really easy to make and the oats and seeds make them a great source of protein and the dried fruit provides lots of nutrients like iron from the apricots and antioxidants from the dried cranberries. You can mix up the fruit and seeds too according to your taste.

Fruity Vegan Flapjacks


  • 150 g Soft brown sugar
  • 150 g Non dairy butter I used vitalite
  • 4 tbsp Golden syrup
  • 350 g rolled oats
  • 50 g Sunflower seeds
  • 50 g Dried cranberries
  • 50 g Dried apricots diced
  • 2 Bananas mashed


  1. Heat the non dairy butter, sugar and golden syrup in a saucepan over a low heat until it is all melted

  2. Take off the heat and add the rest of the dry ingredients, stir until combined

  3. Add the mashed banana and completely mix in

  4. Spread the mixture into a square baking tin and press down.

  5. Bake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees celcius for 20 minutes.

  6. Leave to cool then cut into squares.

Honestly these are so dreamy they won’t last long in your house! I also made a little YouTube video to demonstrate making them if you want to watch. Let me know if you make them!

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Fruity Vegan Flapjack Recipe



  1. May 9, 2018 / 7:40 pm

    these sound so good, and really straightforward to make. I don’t have dairy, so having things like this ready to go is really handy 🙂

  2. Yeah Lifestyle
    May 9, 2018 / 10:33 pm

    We love flapjacks as they are so healthy and a great snack. Love cranberry so might give this a try too.

  3. May 10, 2018 / 3:53 am

    O wow that must be crunchy right? I didnt know it was this easy to make!

  4. Melanie
    May 10, 2018 / 10:27 am

    These look yummy and healthy too. Also very easy which is a great help x

  5. May 11, 2018 / 9:59 am

    Ooooh they look yummy! I might add some protein powder and make them this weekend for healthy snacks!

  6. May 11, 2018 / 11:06 am

    These flapjacks look super delicious, I love a decent fruity flapjack and yours look great.

  7. May 12, 2018 / 6:12 pm

    I love flapjacks and thanks for the vegan tip – need to find some vegan recipies for our upcoming afternoon tea

  8. May 13, 2018 / 10:41 am

    Ooh, this looks super tasty! My niece is vegan so I’ll have to make some of these next time she comes for a visit 🙂

    Louise x

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