A Guide to Selecting the right Kitchen Faucets

A Guide to Selecting the right Kitchen Faucets

Are you preparing to renovate or replace your kitchen faucets? Before you do so, there are several points to consider to help ensure you make the right choice. So what exactly do you need to know to help you select the perfect kitchen faucets for your home? This simple guide will attempt to explain.

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How to choose the perfect Kitchen Faucets

When choosing the perfect kitchen faucets for a property, the first thing you’ll need to think about is how many holes are in your sink. Obviously, it is imperative to opt for a faucet with the same number of holes as the sink’s deck, and you should thoroughly research the many types of faucets on the market to ensure that the one you purchase can be fit in the same way as the outgoing component. For traditional faucets with hot and cold taps, three holes are required to accommodate the spout and taps, as well as a fourth hole for a sprayer. For one-piece kitchen faucets with an integrated spout and handle, one hole is needed for the aforementioned piece and a separate single hole for the sprayer. Requirements may vary with regards to other style faucets, such as those including soap dispensers and integrated sprayers, for example.

If your kitchen is undergoing a complete renovation or remodel, you can add any holes necessary when installing your new sink to accommodate for the best kitchen faucets suited to your exact requirements. You’re sure to find a design that complements your space and enhances your kitchen’s functionality, whether that be in the form of an in-built, wall-mounted or freestanding kitchen faucet.

Meanwhile, another factor to consider is which kind of sprayer you would prefer your faucet to feature, as different types integrate different sprayers in a variety of styles. Be sure to research online to find out the subtle nuances between different sprayers, and decide which style you’d prefer. Alternatively, you can ask for advice at a local hardware shop, who should be happy to offer a physical demonstration of the distinctions between various sprayer types.

You also need to think about the size and purpose of your sink before making a choice regarding the best kitchen faucet to use. If your sink is often filled with plenty of large plates, pots and pans, then a faucet with a long, curved neck may prove the most appropriate choice. For smaller sinks that don’t tend to be regularly used for the washing of bulkier kitchen items, the length and shape of your faucet will be nowhere near as imperative in determining how it performs functionality-wise.

Do you want any other features incorporated into your tap? A filter, for instance, is ideal for those looking to ensure a safer and cleaner water output for drinking purposes. There are numerous ways in which a filter can be installed, most of which necessitate a faucet attachment – there are some faucets that include a built-in filtering mechanism however. As well as guaranteeing a safe and clean water supply, the installation of a filter will also positively impact your volume water usage and the maintenance of your equipment.

Finally, choose which style of kitchen faucet you would prefer for your home – a good idea is to select a component that mirrors the vibe of your surrounding décor and other kitchen fixtures like cabinets and hardware. You can opt for sleek, modern kitchen faucet designs with chrome details to achieve the ultimate in contemporary style.


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