Halloween DIY Craft – No Carve Rainbow Pumpkin Tutorial

Every year we love decorating pumpkins but lets be honest, carving them out is messy and time consuming. Here is an idea for a no-carve pumpkin that looks bright and fun and is a bit different this Halloween.

You will need:

A white pumpkin


Glue gun and glue stick




Firstly, make sure that the area you are working in is well covered with protective paper / tablecloth and you are wearing an apron as the wax from the melted crayons can splatter!

Glue the crayons to the top of the pumpkinĀ  – this is harder than it looks, it takes patience and balance!

Hold a hairdryer over the crayons to melt them over the pumpkin. Be warned – they will splatter! A top tip is to bend the crayons down as they start to melt so the wax drips down the pumpkin. I think you would be better using thinner crayons than I did here too.

It makes a great effect though and is quite easy to do and the children loved it!


We made a video tutorial which is on my YouTube channel – take a look at it below…


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Rainbow No Carve Pumpkin Tutorial


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