Inspiration for a Cosy Christmas at Home

This morning I’ve spent an hour running around the house tidying and preparing for decorating it this weekend for Christmas! I’m so excited, I love decorating the house for the festive season and it’s only our second Christmas here so it’s still really special.

One of the things I love most about winter is making our house feel really homely and cosy, so that when we get in from the cold winter air, we can feel comfortable and snuggle up together as a family and feel relaxed. We’re so busy all year long, Christmas is a really nice time to relax, and nothing helps me to relax more than a cosy warm home!


I thought I would share a little inspiration with you of the things I love to make our home cosy at this time of year.

First off it’s really important to have a big comfy sofa! I love corner sofas because it feels like the whole family is cuddling up together on them! This one from Fishpools is stunning! Plump them up with some soft fluffy cushions and drape them in blankets and you have the perfect place to while away a couple of hours in front of a Christmas film.

Second, turn the heating up or light a fire. I’ve got to be warm at Christmas! A fire will not only keep you warm but it will add so much to the cosy atmosphere too! A real one is on my wishlist but a gas or electric one will do the job too.

Use soft lighting. Change your lightbulbs for warm toned bulbs which give off a softer light, and use lamps more than the main lights. This really helps to give your home a warm, comfortable feeling.

Fragrance your home with a cosy scent. I love using candles to scent my home but you could use plugins or room spray too. My favourite scents at Christmas time smell of Christmas baking or Christmas trees.

Lastly, put out some magazines and books. There’s something inviting about a pile of magazines and books that you or guests can pick up and flick through while relaxing at home. It’s like an invitation to chill out and relax!

I can’t wait to make our home cosy and festive this year – I hope that you have fun decorating yours too!

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Inspiration for a cosy christmas home


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