Jurassic Kingdom Cardiff Review

We were given complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.

You may remember from my post about Little Boy’s birthday that he absolutely loves dinosaurs! He’s only 4 years old but he knows lots of their names and has his favourites! People are always stunned actually with his dinosaur knowledge at such a young age! When I heard that Jurassic Kingdom was coming to Cardiff I knew we had to take him!

Jurassic Kingdom is set up in a cordoned off area of Bute Park so it is easy to get to by public transport or car. We drove into Cardiff and parked in the nearby Sofia Gardens car park, about a 10 minute walk away. We could hear the dinosaurs roaring as we walked over and soon enough we could see the tallest dinosaurs peeking out over the park. Miss J skipped along really excited and Little Boy kept shouting “follow that roar”!

We were greeted by a huge T-Rex and then we walked around to see all the dinosaurs. There was a rough pathway around them but the layout was quite relaxed so you could go from dinosaur to dinosaur in any order you liked really. Little Boy was beside himself and ran around at speed looking at them all!

Many of the dinosaurs were animatronic and were triggered by a sensor as you walked past. They moved and roared and they were quite something to see. My three absolutely loved them and weren’t at all scared by the noise even though some of them were really quite loud.

On some of the dinosaurs were boards explaining what the name of the dinosaur was and some factual information. I do think that it was a shame that they didn’t have this on every dinosaur as we love learning about new dinosaurs and it would have made for a more rounded educational experience.

Alongside the dinosaurs was an area with food stalls, a merchandise shop, a bouncy castle and inflatable slide and a 9D virtual reality game. All these are an additional cost. We shared a cheese toastie and chips and churros with chocolate dip but other families had brought picnic blankets and picnics which is a nice idea in warmer weather. There are portacabin style toilets on site.

There were areas where children could climb into dinosaur eggs and climb over a dinosaur too which was great for encouraging them to play and mine really enjoyed these parts.

We had an absolutely fantastic couple of hours at Jurassic Kingdom and all three of my children (11, 7 and 4) loved it so I would definitely recommend it. It is in Cardiff until the 27th August and it is quite pricey for a family ticket (£44) so if you do visit make sure you pre-book online as this will save you money on the door price.


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