Kids Christmas Activities: Making Paper Chains

This week Bean was off school with a high temperature virus and we found ourselves locked inside for a couple of days. She was not feeling up to much but too much TV soon got boring so we needed something to do that was simple and quick and easy to do to keep her entertained.

In my Christmas edition of the Homemaker Magazine there were some cut out and make paper chains so we used those, but you can do it with any pretty paper that you have to hand. You could even use plain paper and get your little one to colour it in. Cut the paper into strips about 1 inch wide and glue the ends together to make a ring. Pop the next strip through the ring and glue the ends together, making the loops link together. Continue the chain in the same way to the desired length.

Use the finished chain to decorate your room of choice. This doesn’t have to be a Christmas craft either, you can make the paper chains for any theme you like, weddings, baptisms and birthdays. They are a great, easy and inexpensive way to brighten up a room.



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