Making Your Home Cosy For Winter

With the clocks changing this weekend I’m really feeling that Autumn is very quickly turning into Winter. The evenings will soon be dark really early and there is something lovely about cosy winter nights at home. Home really is my favourite place to be in winter. Come Autumn is start to think about making the house cosy and when Winter hits I really like to ramp it up, making home a lovely place to be. Here are some of my top tips for making your home cosy for Winter…

Get out all the blankets

We keep our blankets in a nice wicker basket in the front room. Not only does it look really lovely set out like that but it also means that you can easily grab a blanket to snuggle up with on the sofa!

Sort out the fire

If you are lucky enough to have a fire make sure it is clean and tidy ready for the winter. Make sure you have enough logs and the chimney has been swept. If you have a gas or electric fire maybe have it serviced to make sure it is working well. If like me you have a fire that doesn’t work you can decorate it with fairy lights so that it still looks good even if it isn’t giving out any heat.

Make your bedroom cosy

In the winter quite often I’ll head up to bed early to do some work on my laptop or watch Netflix on my iPad. I love it when the bedroom is cosy and welcoming and I often treat myself to a new bedding set at this time of year. Have a look at the luxury bedding sets from Julian Charles for some inspiration.

Stock up on comfort food

Part of being cosy and happy at home for me is having lots of yummy comfort food in! Stock up on soups and make stews and chilli to store in the freezer. And of course make sure you always have hot chocolate and squirty cream to hand!

Games and Entertainment

Make sure that you have plenty in the house to keep you occupied! Pick up some new DVDs and books or consider a service like Netflix so you have plenty to watch. I love playing board games and always try to pick up a couple of new ones each year. I love playing a game of scrabble in front of the fire and it’s a great way for the whole family to have fun together.

What are your favourite ways to make your home cosy for winter?

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