Meccano 5 in 1 Motorcycle Review

I’ve always looked at Meccano in the shops and thought it looked great. I love being creative and building things and my children are the same. Bean is 10 and she is really into Lego so I thought that Meccano was the next logical step.

We were sent this 5 in 1 Motorcycle set to review. I thought it was the perfect beginner set as it’s quite small so the perfect first project. It came with two tools to use to put the pieces together and instructions to make 3 motorcycles, and you can find the other two sets of instructions online.

meccano 5 in 1 motorcycle

The instructions were comprehensive and well thought out. I liked the way they had life size diagrams of the screws which really helped us make sure we were using the right ones.


Sadly though we were missing a part which was frustrating, but luckily it wasn’t essential for the building of the first design, but has left it a little wonky. Obviously this was frustrating to find out when you are halfway through building it so I would recommend checking that you have all the pieces before you start.

Honestly, it was very fiddly and tiring to put together. It was our first go at Meccano and the set says it is suitable for 8 plus but at 10 it was too fiddly for Bean to do and she soon lost patience. I then gave it a go before delegating it finally to Daddy. He really enjoyed putting it together but said the same, it took a long time and was quite difficult so not really suitable for most 8 year olds I wouldn’t have thought.

Nevertheless, the perseverance paid off and we now have a very sturdy and impressive motorcycle to display!

This set retails at £12.99 and you can buy it from Amazon. It’s great value because it really does take some time to put together and it’s a brilliant quality. I like the fact that you can make 5 different models too so you can take it apart and start again.

We were gifted the set for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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