Must Haves For Travelling With Kids By Car

This summer we’ve travelled quite a bit with the children in the car, on days out and little trips away. Travelling with kids in the car can be tricky but I find that if you’re well prepared it can go very well! I’ve teamed up with Kiddies Kingdom to share with you my list must haves for travelling with kids by car.

First up is to make sure that your little ones are safe and legal when travelling in the car and in appropriate car seats. If you are unsure on the law there is guidance on the government website here. You can also get advice when you are having your car seat fitted in a shop. We made sure that our family car has Isofix points and the youngest two have the appropriate seats. Little Miss J has the Joie Trillo LX and Little Boy has the Joie Stages. Both are available from Kiddies Kingdom.

Once you know that they are safe in the car you can set about making it comfortable for them. These car seat organisers are a great way of making sure they have everything they need to hand so you don’t have to keep turning around to pass things to them. You can put some tissues, a drink, some snacks, a pad of paper and some colouring pencils and a couple of toys in there to keep them entertained for the journey.

A sunshade for the window is also a must to keep them shaded on a hot day and to keep the glare from their eyes. Our car has them built in but if yours doesn’t you can buy stick on ones very cheaply online.

You might want to consider putting on a video for them to watch if it is a really long journey. We always say that our in car DVD player was the best investment as it keeps them so quiet which is lovely on long tiring journeys. We have a twin one like this one so that they can watch different movies if they want to and put headphones in. You can link them together if they want to watch the same movie and there’s no straining to see the screen if you have a bigger car.

My last tip is to keep a bag of nightwear in the boot of the car. If you have been out for a long day and are heading home late, pop your children into their pyjamas before you set off and then if they fall asleep on the way home then you can just transfer them to bed without disturbing them too much. This works so well and makes getting home after a long journey so much easier if you don’t have to worry about settling the children to sleep when you get in.

baby sleeping

I hope this post helps if you have a car journey coming up with children and are dreading it! If you’re prepared it’s really not as bad as you imagine!

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Must Haves For Travelling With Kids By Car

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  1. August 17, 2017 / 8:03 pm

    Can the kids reach the organisers on the seat back? Wondered whether they were a good buy or not?

    • September 6, 2017 / 10:29 am

      My bigger kids can if they lean forward! Not my littlest though as he’s in a 5 point harness still. But he has his sisters to pass him stuff!

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