My Top Ten Tips for Travelling With Kids This Christmas

Are you heading off to visit family this Christmas? Or maybe you are lucky enough to be off on a holiday? One day I’d like to book a sunny holiday for after Christmas just to rest and relax after such a busy time. Whatever you are doing, if you are taking the children with you it is worth preparing ahead. Here are my top ten tips for travelling with kids this Christmas.


  1. Allow plenty of time. We all know that children need the toilet or are just on the go-slow at the most inconvenient times so make sure that you allow more than enough time. If your journey will take two hours, allow three. You get the picture!

2. Make a list of everything that you need to pack and cross it off as it goes into the bag. Hopefully this will mean that you shouldn’t forget anything important at the last minute.

3. Know where you are going. I know this sounds silly but it pays to know the postcode of where you are going for satnav, or if you are flying write down your flight numbers. It saves you having to look things up when you are already en route!

4. Pack snacks and drinks. Children will always be hungry and thirsty and if they are anything like mine they will be grumpy if they are hungry. Make sure you have easy to eat, healthy snacks and some water to hand.

5. Take some activities. I usually give each child a little bag with some food and activities in. They can be books, stickers or even an iPad, just something to keep them entertained!

6. Know your route, especially if you are driving. If you don’t have a SatNav, use an online route planner or make sure you take a map. My children without fail always need the toilet when we are in the middle of nowhere! If you know that you will be heading into the sticks for a bit it would pay to stop for a toilet break before then!

7. Safety. It is really important that your child has the correct car seat. If you are hiring a car abroad you could take your baby seat with you on the plane or make sure you request a car with a seat.

8. Make sure they are comfy. If you are travelling for any distance some cushions or pillows and a blanket might be a good idea.

9. Time it right. The time you travel can make a huge difference. We like to travel in the evening so the children sleep a lot of the journey in the car. We can then just put them straight to bed when we get in. Try to avoid travelling over nap time if you are travelling on a train or somewhere you don’t think they will sleep as they will just get cranky.

10. Have fun! Travelling with children doesn’t have to be miserable. I love going by bus or train with my little ones as it is great one – on – one time. I love sitting and chatting with them!

Do you have any tips for travelling with children?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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