Our New Garden

This summer are planning on updating a few of the rooms in our house – the living room, garden, main bedroom and Jelly Baby’s Room. Today I’m sharing our garden makeover!

This is our garden before…it is a typical garden for our area – small victorian terrace garden which is essentially a courtyard – or a concrete paradise as I used to call it. It was decked but that required a lot of maintenance with yearly painting.


We aren’t huge gardeners and we didn’t want to do anything massively expensive such as digging up the concrete and decking but we did want somewhere soft for the little ones to play. I researched artificial grass online and it seemed like a great solution. Especially with decking as it is as simple as cutting to fit and nailing in.

Before I could order it online I was browsing in my local Home Bargains store where I saw 4m rolls of it in there for £30 each (half the price I was going to buy it for). I shipped hubby off quick smart and he laid it after work in only a couple of hours.

Here is what it looks like now – I am SERIOUSLY in love.

artificial grass on decking

It has transformed our little concrete paradise into somewhere the girls can play, they can come down the slide without hurting their legs and it brightens up the little space so much. The grass is also really soft so is nice to walk on.

A big thank you to my lovely hubby for fitting it for me 🙂


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