How to paint Ikea furniture

When we bought our house we had £2000 to furnish it. The whole house, appliances and all. So I budgeted, we shopped in sales and we bought a LOT of things from Ikea.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea, but after a while of anything I get bored. We have slowly upgraded certain things as and when we can afford to and one of the last places on our list was our bedroom. We have the Aspelund range, from bedside tables, drawers, bed and wardrobes. I like the furniture itself but wanted a change – I wanted something brighter. A new bedroom suite was not in consideration price wise so I thought I would try my hand at painting the furniture. I thought it would be tricky because Ikea furniture is that plastic type that paint doesn’t stick to, but no pain no gain eh?!

I was really surprised to find out that painting this furniture was easy! The trick is in the preparation.

Firstly sand down the furniture to give the paint a rough surface to stick to. Just sand enough so that the shine has gone from the surface. Wipe it all down so that you have a clean surface to paint. Then I used a white undercoat – I used a Wilkinson’s Brand undercoat.

Once this is dry I painted ordinary white gloss over the top. Two decent coats was all it took and the furniture looks fabulous! I added wallpaper decoupage to the panels to brighten it up a little. This was super easy too – I just measured the panels, cut the wallpaper to size and pasted it down with adhesive spray. I then varnished over the top to give it longevity. I absolutely adore my new bedroom and it only cost me the price of a couple of tins of paint and a roll of wallpaper.

And my favourite thing to top it all off – my new to me Breville Teasmade! These sell for £80 and I was desperate to have one, and was lucky enough to find this one on sale for £20 on eBay. Now I wake up every morning to a fresh, hot cup of coffee to drink while I read the news in bed. Bliss!


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