Planning A Budget Holiday With Kids

Planning A Budget Holiday With Kids

Planning a holiday is already difficult enough, without also having to figure out how to remain within your budget and choose a destination that appeals to the whole family.

When you take your children with you on holiday, all of the expected expenses rise and it can be hard to plan a holiday without spending more than you should. However, there are a couple of solutions you should find helpful. If you’re struggling to find the best spots for a budget holiday with kids, just keep reading!

  1. Pick A Less Popular Beach

Every family enjoys a good old fashioned beach holiday, but some of the more popular places are not only expensive but also crowded, which may not agree with you and your little ones. If you’re in search of a beach holiday that offers the same ambiance at a fraction of the cost, why not head to a place a little more off the beaten track. You’ll receive the same beach experience, with far fewer headaches and hassles, as well as a decrease in the financial strain.

      2. Holiday with friends or family

You can often get a much better deal on a holiday if you book as a large group. How about sharing a villa together? You may also be able to get away with hiring one car between two families, splitting the cost and sharing out the days you use it? It will also mean that you could save money on babysitting services if you take it in turns to look after each other’s children when you go out in the evening.

  1. Look For Package Deals

Parents who are bringing the whole brood should look into as many package deals as possible. Instead of using the piecemeal method to book a trip you can save money by booking your airfare, lodging and your car rental by using the same company for all three. Expedia or are great options and be sure to use a Discountrue coupon while you’re at it so you can enjoy additional discounts. Also, try consulting a travel agent as well, since they often have fantastic deals that may not always be found online.


  1. Save on Hotels By Booking Through Homeowners

With the rise of sites like Airbnb, travellers are no longer required to pay the high prices that hoteliers demand of their clientele. If you’re willing to look around, you can expand your search to include certain amenities (gym, swimming pool) and still venture to high profile cities. By purchasing a room directly from a homeowner, you can get more bang for your buck and stay in popular destinations at a fraction of the typical cost.


  1. Go On a Staycation 

When you book a holiday in the area you live, you’re able to experience the fun sightseeing, without shelling out for a car rental and a hotel room in the process. Take a look around the region in which you live, to see if there are any viable staycation opportunities. You should discover many attractions you haven’t even thought of! Groupon is a great site for those who are in search of this type of adventures.

Once you have found your perfect budget break, why not read my tips on travelling with kids.

planning a budget holiday with kids

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