Princess Dress Tutorial

My big girl is an absolute nightmare with clothes and has been for as long as I can remember. She is so particular and fussy. Last weekend she had two fancy dress parties to go to so I said she could choose a new princess dress to wear. Trouble was – could she find one? No! They were too short, too this, too that so I agreed to make her one and it turned out great and was so easy. I bought all the things to make it off eBay and it cost under £20 including postage so about the same as I would have spent on a dress anyway.

We used…

One crochet stretchy top

1 roll pink tulle

1 small roll white tulle

Simply cut the tulle to twice the desired length of the skirt. It helps to wind it around something that is the same length and then you can cut it so the strips are all an even length.

Then you tie the tulle to the crochet top into alternating holes. Once you have gone all the way around, repeat with another two layers in alternating holes in higher rows.


I tied white tulle to make straps and the embellishment on the front.




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