Re-creating Moana – How To Make The Heart of Tafiti

Since having the children, Disney has been a huge part of our lives. They love the characters, the songs and the magic. There have been some brilliant Disney movies added to the mix recently too – hello Frozen and Moana! I love how the films have something for the adults and children too – I love them too! We’ve been doing lots of Disney related things at the moment, we visited Disneyland Paris just after Christmas and only last week we went to see Disney on Ice.

My girls love the Disney Store in Cardiff – they want to go in there every time we are passing, it’s a store of wonder and magic for them! We can lose hours in there just looking at all the amazing toys and dressing up outfits. Did you know that this year the Disney Store is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary – 30 years of bright, sparkly Disney goods!

To help them celebrate this anniversary the Disney Store asked us to recreate our favourite Disney scene. Our favourite film at the moment is Moana – the girls love it and play the songs on repeat in the car and must have watched the film several times since it came out on DVD.

We were sent Pua and HeiHei toys which the girls adore – HeiHei was a real star of the movie for us!! We decided to make a heart of Tafiti by painting a pebble green and painting a swirl with green glitter glue. It was really easy and fun to do. We just got a pebble from the beach, painted it green and made a darker green swirl on the top with glitter glue. Leave to dry in a warm place or overnight and you have your very own heart of tafiti!

the heart of tafiti tutorial

Of course recreating a scene from Moana involved taking them down to the beach. We had so much fun playing in the sand with the girls and these toys, it really opened their imagination and it was lovely to see them playing and having fun with these toy characters.

One of their favourite parts of the film is where HeiHei swallows the Heart of Tafiti and saves the day! I love the message that this portrays – that everyone can play an important part, no matter who they are. After all, HeiHei is an unlikely hero!


The Disney Store will be sharing their favourite Disney scene recreations on their website so feel free to create yours and share it on social media using the hashtags #DisneyStoreUK #DisneyStore30 so that they can find it!

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make your own heart of tafiti tutuorial

A big thank you to the Disney Store for the soft toys we used in this post.


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  1. April 17, 2017 / 10:59 pm

    What a fab idea, Paul very kindly made our daughter a hear of tahiti this week from fimo, that reminds me I must share it on my blog!

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