Spring Cleaning? Add Some Spring Style Too!

Style is something we think about a lot. Whether you’re a bit of a fashionista, or you’re someone who simply likes to keep your house clean and tidy, you do so with style in mind – it’s attractive, and that’s what you want for the space you exist in! Interior design is something we all have our own opinions on, but it is something you could think about over these early months of the year.


Spring is traditionally the time of year in which we let ourselves go crazy with a dustpan and brush and bit of polish on a dishcloth, but it’s also the time of year in which we should think about the home around us and how it looks. After all, there’s no better way to get settled into a new year with new prospects than to rearrange and renovate the space around you! So with that in mind, what are a couple of the best ways to add some more spring style into your home?

Maybe you could even sketch out a new space? 

Spring Cleaning? Add Some Spring Style Too!

Maybe a New Wallpaper?


This is a very easy design tip to try out first, seeing as wallpaper is something you can stick up and rip down whenever the fancy takes you. And if you’re someone who likes the look of your current living room or bedroom, but you also like the look of the wallpaper rolls you’ve seen in the home depot department recently, this is a good way to test the waters for your spring style!


Sure, you can go for florals here, but think about all the other spring motifs out there. Water, birds, cute little animals like foxes and mice, green grass, blooming trees etc. These art styles might prove a lot more interesting than a simple pattern of chrysanthemums!


Think About Your Window Space


Your windows could do with a little freshening up. You break out the vinegar and the old wives’ recipe, and you get to work making the panes clean enough to eat off of. But what about the peeling paint around the glass, or the sills that have seen better days in terms of their structural integrity?


Not to mention, any glazing you’ve got on the windows in your house might be wearing thin, especially if you live somewhere pre 20th century. It might be time to look into getting some heritage windows installed? The sash window style is very popular in the spring time – it’s nostalgic of woodland walks and times gone by, and of old, fancy townhouses and Victorian cobblestone streets. Just imagine being able to throw up the sash and stick your head out to watch the world go by!


Get Some New Storage Solutions


Storage is something you’ll need for the spring. Christmas brought quite a few new items into your home, and now you need to clear up the floor! Maybe you need some wicker baskets and repainted kitchen cabinets? They’re very spring chic!


Introduce some homely spring style!

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Spring Cleaning? Add Some Spring Style Too!


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