Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris in the Winter

Experience some Christmas magic

We visited Disneyland Paris in at the beginning of January, just after Christmas and it was a brilliant time to go. The Christmas decorations were still up so it had a really wonderful atmosphere (check online as to when the Christmas theme will be up, for 2018-2019 it is from the 10th November until the 6th January).

Term Time will be cheaper

We went during the first few days of the school term so it was quite a lot cheaper. Obviously not everyone can do that if they have children in school but if you can, if you have younger children definitely make the most of that while you can.

Stay on site

We stayed in Sequoia Lodge which worked really well for us. They are really close to the parks meaning you can wrap up warm and just walk over. Also if you stay in one of the Disney hotels on site you will get extra magic hours which means you get early access to the parks before they are open to the general public. You can make the most of this time to go on the busier rides saving queuing time in the cold. You can also take advantage of some other perks such as having your shopping delivered back to your hotel room to save you carrying it around. Many of the hotels also have great facilities on site, such as restaurants, gyms and pools for when you want to head inside from the cold, and they also have a Disney theme which adds to the magic.

Wrap up warm

It’s crucial that you don’t get too cold and it can get bitterly cold, especially if you are queuing for a while. Layer up with thermal underwear and make sure you have lots of layers, including a waterproof top layer. If you have younger children a pushchair will be a lifesaver and you can layer up little ones with blankets. We invested in snow boots and we were so glad that we did as our feet were toasty and warm the whole time.

Book your meals

Head inside for a warm meal and rest between activities. Make sure that you book your restaurant reservations in advance ( you can book 2 months in advance ) so that you can plan your day and know when you are heading into the warm.

Consider using a FastPass

You can now get a Fastpass which will mean you can get onto some of the bigger more popular rides quicker. If you can afford the extra cost this will save you from queuing up in the cold.

Use the Lineberty App

Waiting in the cold to meet your favourite character is no fun. Take advantage of the Lineberty app to book a place to meet some of your favourite characters and save your time waiting in the cold.

Most of all have fun! Going through all of this and looking back at the photos has made me really want to book our next trip!


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Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris in the Winter



  1. November 13, 2018 / 7:23 pm

    So happy we came across this post as our first Disney Paris trip is planned for early this coming January! We cannot wait and will take these tips to heart!

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