Top 10 TV Shows For Toddlers

Top TV Shows For Toddlers

Little Boy is 2 years old now and it’s nice that he’s a little bit bigger and can be left to watch his favourite TV show for 20 minutes while I do a quick load of washing and clean or answer some emails. He doesn’t sit and watch TV all day but does watch probably 20 minutes in the morning and 2o minutes in the evening.

 We are looking to upgrade our front room TV soon to get something with better picture quality, I’m currently swooning over the Panasonic 4K TV Range and wondering if I could stretch to getting one for Daddy as an early Father’s Day present! It would be nice if we could watch some of these shows with a really decent picture!

Here are Little Boy’s top ten TV shows to watch. They are a mix of educational and fun!

  1. Octonauts

One of his absolute favourites is Octonauts. He loves all the characters and we have lots of the toys too. Because it is aimed at a little bit older than toddler’s his sisters will tolerate this being on the TV too!

2. Something Special

We’ve watched good old Mr Tumble for years. We took Sing and Sign classes with Little Boy until he was 2 so this show actually helped him to reinforce the signs he was learning. It was invaluable as he didn’t speak well until he was well over 2. He still uses signs now – he was signing turtle and snail in the park the other day!

3. Genevieve’s Playhouse – Toy Learning for Kids (YouTube)

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Little Boy likes YouTube – his mummy is a YouTuber after all! We can access the internet via our TV via a YouTube app and his is one of his favourite channels and I love that the videos are educational – they are really helping him solidify his knowledge of numbers and is helping him to learn his colours too.

4. Peppa Pig

This wasn’t a massive favourite until we took him to see it at the cinema and he absolutely loved it – I’ve never seen him sit still for an hour and a half before! I think it might be a new favourite!

5. Paw Patrol

Little Boy loves this and he loves all the different characters. This is another show that is popular with slightly older children too so great if they have siblings.


6. Toddler Fun Learning (YouTube)

This is another of our YouTube favourites this channel is full of learning songs and is great for helping them to learn their numbers and animals.

7. Teletubbies

Can you believe that this show has been on our screens for 20 years and is just as popular as it always was?! The bright colours and repetitive nature of the programme really appeals and it’s a firm favourite in our house.

8. Waybuloo

I try to encourage Little Boy to watch this one as I think it’s a nice wind down one to watch and I love the elements of yoga which I’m trying to encourage my children to take up with me. It’s a great one to gently introduce it into your toddler’s routine.

9. In The Night Garden

Well, this list wouldn’t be complete without this show would it! My eldest loved it, as have all of them. There’s something mesmerising about the repetition and it’s especially popular with younger toddlers.

10. CBeebies Bedtime Stories

These are a big favourite with me too! They are perfect for putting on just before bedtime to wind down and before we read a book upstairs. The bigger girls like them too. I love that you can see the pictures in the books and all the different celebrities reading them.

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top 10 toddler tv shows


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