Updating Your Bathroom For Winter

Now winter is officially here I thought I would share some tips on how to update your bathroom for winter. It’s the perfect time of year to update your bathroom as with Christmas coming you are bound to be having guests over and one of the rooms they are bound to frequent is the bathroom! Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive, you can just change a few accessories or upgrade vital parts, most things that you do will make a big difference.
Upgrade your shower
If you really want to impress your guests consider upgrading your shower. You could put in a power shower, a new cubicle or upgrade your pump. Pump Sales Direct’s quiet shower pumps are easily fitted by your local plumber and could greatly improve your shower experience. The added bonus is that the shower is still amazing when all your guests have left, it’s a home improvement which will make a daily practical difference to your use of the bathroom too.
Refresh the paintwork
In our bathroom this year I have just gone over the woodwork with a satinwood paint. It took less than an hour and really brightened up the room and made it look less shabby. Painting woodwork is easy once you get the hang of it. The paintwork had gotten chipped over the course of the year and a little freshen up made all the difference. Usually your bathroom won’t be too big a space so you could even freshen up the paint of the walls if it was needed without it being too much effort.
Update your accessories
You can completely change your bathroom on a budget by just buying some new accessories. Think luxury, thick new hand towels, a new flower arrangement, ornament or a new bathmat. All of these would really make a difference without spending too much money. For winter you could use darker colours like navy, red and black. Add some candles for a really cosy feeling and your bath time experience will be something else! Choose something that is on trend for 2018 to keep your bathroom looking modern.
Put in a heated towel rail
We have a heated towel rail in our bathroom that doubles as a radiator. It’s one of the best things that we put into the bathroom as it keeps the room nice and toasty warm, looks great and warms up your towel while you are in the shower which is always welcome in the winter time! It is multifunctional and will make a tangible improvement to the aesthetics of the room. You could go for a modern one or a more traditional style one depending upon the look of your bathroom.
Christmas it up! 
There’s no harm in bringing the Christmas decor into your bathroom too. Add a couple of themed ornaments and accessorise with some Christmas towels. It will really make you and any guests smile when they use the facilities.
Do you like to update your interiors regularly? I love making little changes to our rooms as the seasons change and I think our bathroom is definitely overdue a winter makeover, I can’t wait to get started!
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Updating Your Bathroom For Winter

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