Our Victorian House Tour

Victorian House Tour

We moved into our Victorian terraced house nearly 9 years ago now. It needed some decoration when we bought it and the roof was leaking in places but we were pleased with it – it was our first home and we have worked hard to make it nice for our little family. The time has come now where we have outgrown the house though and we would like to move to a nicer area too. The house has served us well and I love the character and original features it has. I will be truly sad to leave it.

As this is our first family home I thought it would be nice to document it here on the blog, so that the children can see it when they are older – Baby S won’t even be able to remember living here at all as he is so young now. These photos were taken by the agents so the house is looking super tidy!

outside the house

 original victorian entryway tiles

living room

original victorian fireplace

second reception room

original victorian bread oven

dining room

dining room


victorian terrace garden

victorian terrace garden

master bedroom

girls bedroom

baby's bedroom


I have also done a little video house tour if you are interested. The house isn’t quite as tidy in the video though!!

Our new house is a real project so if you blog about homes and interiors or have some great DIY posts please let me know and I will come and check them out. I need all the inspiration I can get!


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