New House Tour!

New House Tour

For those of you who are interested in what our new house looks like, I have filmed a little vlog of it! It is a massive work in progress and there is little progress in the vlog as we had just moved in and barely unpacked. I’m really excited today about it as I’m designing kitchens and bathrooms as I speak and I can’t wait to share with you parts of the house as it is done! Today I sanded the floors in Little Miss J’s bedroom ready to paint with some Rust-Oleum floor chalk paint – sanding is messy work but it is exciting to be actually doing something to the house!

We bought this house because it has so much space and potential and it is in a beautiful location and lovely area. It needs a lot of work but we hope that it will all add value to the house. It is brilliant to be able to have a brand new bathroom and kitchen too, which we wouldn’t have got unless we had moved into a boxy new build. I am so in love with our house and I’m sure you will see lots more of it in the next few months.


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