Weaning – Blueberry Puree (Stage 1)

Blueberry Puree

While I’m weaning the little dude I thought I would blog some of the foods I’ve been cooking up for him, and blueberry puree is something I’ve been making lately. As I’ve mentioned before I’m into traditional weaning rather than baby led. Nothing against baby led, it’s just not for me. So here is the first of many posts…

I use silicone ice cube trays to freeze little portions of purees. I then pop them out once they are frozen and store them in labelled freezer bags. When the little dude eats more I just use more than one cube – and you can also mix them up so I might add a blueberry cube to porridge, or mix it with apple puree or plain yoghurt for a yummy pud.

To make a basic blueberry puree put one tub of blueberries (or use frozenĀ if you prefer) into a saucepan. Add a tiny bit of boiled water just to cover the bottom of the pan and cook the blueberries until they have popped and they are looking squashy and juicy (about 5 minutes). Blend and freeze in silicone trays.



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