Why Should You Make The Bathroom The First Port Of Call In A Renovation?

Why Should You Make The Bathroom The First Port Of Call In A Renovation?


While the numerous interior design advice out there talks about the fact that the kitchen or the living room is the “hub” of the house, and therefore should take priority when renovating, have you giving consideration to the bathroom as the priority? Ultimately, the bathroom needs to take precedence, and when you are looking renovating your home bit by bit, and you are deciding what room to begin with, the bathroom is the ideal port of call. Why is this?

It’s The Room With The Most Potential For Damage

It’s true! Whether you’ve got children nearly slipping in the shower every other day, or that step out of the bath is a close call sometimes, you’ve got to look at the bathroom as a room that’s predominantly safe. The fact is, there are so many things that can go wrong in the bathroom, if you’ve got a death trap of a house, and the chances are that issues will begin in the bathroom.

The Opportunity To Increase Your Storage Space

If you’ve got a house that’s pokey, and there’s not much room for essentials, the bathroom can provide a little bit more in terms of storage. On the other hand, if you like your vanities, then you want to be able to store them or display them as you want. Suppliers like Drench Bathrooms provide numerous vanity mirrors and cabinets second work with whatever style, be it rustic or vintage, but also can give you the practicalities you need to store numerous toiletries and toilet roll!

The Resale Value Potential

While the kitchen is the biggest draw in the modern age, a remodelled bathroom can drive up resale value almost infinitely. A lot of people want a house that has a bathroom with space and practicalities, because they have stressful lives, and they want to jump in the shower and relax before their long day. When you think about it like this, from a personal perspective, the bathroom is the most important room, not to mention the fact that, from the perspective of parents, they actually get some privacy! A well-designed bathroom, with heated towel rails and luxurious towels, can warm up anybody on a dreary winter morning.

It Has The Potential For Frustration

If you’ve got a bathroom that is overgrown with mould and mildew, not only is it frustrating to clean this constantly, but it just doesn’t look good. Mould that has festered over time can discolour bathroom tiles. If you have a disgusting looking bathroom, not only should you redesign it for aesthetic reasons, but for your health! Breathing in this mould every day, especially if you haven’t got a ventilation system in the bathroom, might make you pretty unwell! There are ways for you to minimise moisture and exposure to mould, but the best way to ensure you’ve got rid of it completely is to redesign the space.

It’s The Room That Uses The Most Water

Do you find that your water bill is unbelievably high? You’re not the only one! The fact is that we have to use a lot of water during the course of our day. But while there are so many resources out there telling us to minimise our water usage, it’s not always that practical, especially if we have to have a shower. But, there are little upgrades you can make to ensure you are making the most of your water supply. For example, you can install environmentally-friendly shower heads that reduces the amount of water that you use, which doesn’t just benefit the planet, but it looks good, and it saves you plenty of money! And if you don’t have one installed, a dual flush mechanism works wonders.

It’s A Great Place To Start Restyling Your Home

If you’re unsure as to what you want to go for, whether it’s modern, rustic, or vintage, when making over your bathroom, it can be a testing ground. In some ways, you can use the bathroom as a way to decide if there are things that will work there that can work in the rest of the house. Because a bathroom needs a bath and a toilet, these things are non-negotiable. And as such, you’ve got to be a bit more creative in your design ideas. If you find that you want to evoke a more spa-like environment in your bathroom, then you can start to consider what the rest of the house needs to look like to carry on this aesthetic. On the other hand, you may want your bathroom to be an enclosed space, away from the rest of the home, so you can go the polar opposite for the rest of the property. The great thing about a bathroom is that it can start you off on a whole redesign adventure, but you don’t necessarily need to know what you’re doing to the rest of the house just yet!

It Can Improve The Functionality Of The House

If you plan on staying in this house, you may want to think about the everyday activities you do that need more supporting as you get older. On the other hand, you may have older relatives moving in, and you need to make your bathroom more user-friendly. Either way, the bathroom needs to be functional, depending on the people using it. And if you have young children, you need to think about making the space safer for them. Babyproofing your home can begin in the bathroom, because of much potential for disaster.

While it’s one of the most expensive renovations, it’s not the most expensive one. Granted, if you are looking to move the toilet and the sink, this will cost you more, but when you’re looking to make massive changes to the entire house, the bathroom is still an amazing starting point. When you get the bathroom right, a lot of the anxieties of renovation disappear. After all, we can eat out, but when we need the bathroom, we neeeeed the bathroom! This alone is a reason for you to renovate this room first of all!

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Why Should You Make The Bathroom The First Port Of Call In A Renovation?


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