Why You Should Travel to Australia Now

We all know Australia as that place where you can get your fill of sun and sea. All kinds of adrenaline-pumping sports like bungee jumping, white water rafting, or jet boating. However, there’s more the outback than just the exciting activities. There are breathtaking views of the coastlines, stunning mountains, and unique old-world towns all across the country. These are just some reasons why travellers come in droves to Australia, and here are a few more.

Endless road trip routes

Australia is such a vast continent to explore and so there are many ways you can discover the country at every turn. Some of the best gems are off the beaten path, so renting a campervan is the perfect way to get to these unique destinations. And because the distances are so far apart, there is less chance of overcrowding. However, because of it, some drives from one point to another may take days.

Cool camping sites

Which leads us to the next reason why Australia is awesome: the camping sites. We know that Australia is very much in touch with nature and wildlife, and so there are a lot of reserves and parks that allow locals and visitors to share that passion. There are camping sites that are free or have a minimal fee; and the facilities include private restrooms, picnic shelters, electric barbecues, and charging stations.

See different types of free roaming species

Speaking of wildlife, there are a lot of those in Australia. The most popular of which are kangaroos, emus, and koalas — most are freely roaming! But do not just approach them all willy-nilly because they are wild. If you’ve played the arcade game Tekken before, there’s a reason why one of the playable characters is a kangaroo. So if you see them, you can stop to watch or take pictures, but keep your distance.


Additionally, be on the lookout for animal crossing warning signs. It means that area is populated with the free roaming animals, and you might come across them on the road.

Amazing beaches

Once you have had your fill of the road, stop by the nearest beach. This is one of Australia’s tourist magnets, and rightfully so. They have some of the most stunning beaches on the world, paired with the perfect warm climate. You will definitely get that sun tanned skin while enjoying the most refreshing sea breeze.

Coffee all day, everyday

Australia is a coffee territory. At every corner, especially in the city central, you will find many cafes. From the artisan, hole-in-the-wall cafes to commercialised coffee brands. Do not worry if you cannot consume dairy, because most cafes offer plant-based milk options.

Live in the moment

And most importantly, if you are looking for a chance to get away from the stress of life, here is where you can finally get it. During your road trip, you will be visiting remote places and destinations where there is no phone service. This is where you will truly feel immersed in your travels, and be energised until you come back home again.

Of course, an outback trip would not be complete without the wheels for it. The best choice when you’re planning to explore Australia are DriveNow campers, these are campervans that are the number one choice of travellers of all kinds.

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