5 Reasons Why Mums Should Get an Instagram Account

It’s hard to set reasonable rules for our children’s screen time when phones and social media are important in nearly every aspect of their lives. Kids are branching out and using apps like Instagram to connect with the world now. Facebook is old news to our little tech veterans.

Signing up for, and using sites like Instagram may be the only way to understand what our kids are doing, and more importantly, why they wish to spend so much time on these platforms. Here are five reasons why using Instagram may be beneficial to you.

  1. Better Understand Your Kids

Relate to their experiences

Be one of the few parents who understands what kids are doing online. Sure, you understand the basic idea of Instagram, but what is it like to actually use it? If you give it some time, you’ll find ways to connect with your child through the app.

Hear a different side

Kids and teens express many things online that they would never say in person. They post about things that have made them happy, sad, confused, angry — anything they’re feeling at the moment. A lot of deep insight can come from reading a caption, seeing a photo, reading a comment, or seeing how someone’s posts develop over time.

  1. Make Relationships

Reach out

Find other moms, writers, speakers, even old friends, and reach out to them. There’s a good chance that you can make an important relationship out of a simple message, or by commenting on someone’s post.

Hear from new and unique people

Who knows what kind of Instagram you’ll run. It may be a small-scale account with a few friends to share pictures with, or it could become something a lot bigger. Once you start to gather a following, you’ll likely get messages from people you don’t know. They will ask you for guidance, conversation, parenting tips, or something completely random! This is a beautiful way for you turn complete strangers into good friends.

  1. Market Yourself

Have a business? Interested in selling art or crafts? Instagram is an essential way to promote your work right now. An image does a million times more for a client than a simple description does.

Instagram is also a great way to get in touch with potential business partners and clients on a personal level. Many people use Facebook, but branching out to a new platform will open doors to new demographics.

Not to mention, there are thousands of ideas out there. Simply browsing through your feed can provide inspirational ideas to further develop your product, market a brand, or adjust your business model.

  1. Explore!

Instagram has over 800 million active users. There is going to be something that peaks your interest. It is stuffed with parenting tips, celebrities, comedy, artwork, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Instagram is also a great way to find useful products. Companies like Amway provide a wealth of beauty, health, and lifestyle ideas on Instagram.

  1. Improve Relationships at Home

Your kids are spending a lot of time in this web-based world. It seems scary because there’s so much out there, but what better way to relate to your kids than to understand what they are doing?

Maybe your current conversations are all about rules. That isn’t always the most pleasant conversation to have. Having a presence on social media can actually improve your relationship with your child. Imagine how good it will feel to have informed conversations about the interfaces they use.

Socializing is complicated enough in person. Imagine the stress of going through high school plus the stress of managing your online identity! The only way to offer helpful advice in surrounding online identities is to have some real experience with them.

The benefits listed above should be that little push you need to get more involved in your child’s online life. If you’re still not sure, give it a shot. Accounts are easy to create and just as easy to delete. Make an account, follow some like-minded people, and see if it is right for you.

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5 Reasons Why Mums Should Get an Instagram Account



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