A bright dining room update…

You may remember a year ago I redecorated our dining room. Well, a whole year has passed, we’re expecting another baby and the girls are losing their playroom to a nursery so I thought the dining room should be updated again to be more of a family room – a room where we eat together but also they have a little space to play and make a mess.

I looked back on pictures of the old dining room and felt that it was a little bland and I really wanted something bright for the kids so I created an inspiration board on Pinterest – you may remember it from this post.

Well, the dining room is now done (except the woodwork which just needs re-doing). I painted our dining chairs in bright colours, brightened up our photo wall with some bright frames and pictures that the girls have made. I also made a seat unit / toy storage unit which is absolutely fabulous. This room makes me happy now, with it’s contemporary modern family feel. I am toying with the idea of getting a rectangular white dining table but I am a little loathe to spend any more money. I’d love to know what you think?


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