Decorating the Dining Room

As you know I have been decorating some of the house before the summer. I wanted it to look brighter and fresher looking. I was quite happy with the dining room as it was but then we had a day where it rained non stop and I found myself with nothing better to do (as if – I just have one of those crazy personalities where I need to have constant change!).

This is the dining room before…



Not too bad I hope you’d agree, but it is certainly much brighter and shinier now!

IMG_3635 IMG_3632 IMG_3631

I painted the feature wall to match the other walls. I painted the wooden door leading to the kitchen white and I covered the table with a gorgeous pink oilcloth. Out of sight in the original photo are the storage units which I updated to look tidier and brighter and finally I painted the mirror for a touch of sparkle and glamour! Nice, bright and airy I think, I hope you agree!



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