Dyson Colour Catcher Sheets Review

Washing is a daily chore in our house – most days it is at least 2 loads a day. Because we have so much laundry I divide it into three laundry bins – whites, colours and darks. And the system has been working quite well.

Recently though I was given the opportunity to review Dylon Colour Catcher Sheets. They are small paper like sheets that you put in the back of the washing machine before you load it, and then just wash your washing like normal. The idea is that the sheet catches any colour that leaks out of your clothes, preventing colour transfer and making it able to wash colours and whites together.

I was a little dubious to be honest so at first I used one of these sheets in my normal colour load. This was a mixed load, some pale pinks, some brighter pinks (yes I have TWO girls!!), some other colours. I don’t normally notice colour runs in this type of wash so I was expecting the sheet to come out the same as it went in. But it didn’t! Obviously some colours were running that I wasn’t aware of and the sheet had caught them.

I then used the sheet in my dark wash, and again it caught lots of colour. It even prevented the colour transfer of one jumper that recently caused havoc with my laundry and stained everything blue.

So I can confirm that this really is a great product. I would feel happy to mix loads of different colours together using these sheets. For me, as we have SO much laundry, I will still wash whites separately, but I will definitely continue to use these for my colour and dark washes, and if I was back in my student days where I only did one or two washes a week (UGH I know right?!) these are a great idea to save money in the laundrette.

I am a BzzAgent and was gifted the Colour Catcher Sheets for the purpose of this review.


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