Fun Children’s Games – Wobbly Worm Review

It’s the summer holidays and I’m constantly looking for something to do with the children so that they don’t get bored or watch too much TV. One of the things I like to do in the summer is get some games out to play together. It’s something we don’t find much time for in the week when everyone’s at school and work so it’s nice to spend some quality time together just playing while we have the chance.

We were sent a really fun game to review recently called Wobbly Worm, it’s by Spinmaster Toys and retails at £19.99. You can buy it from Amazon here.*

It’s suitable for ages 3 plus, although I think younger children could play it too. It basically consists of a tall worm that wobbles around and you have to try to throw different sized hoops over his head! You can adjust the difficulty by making the worm taller or shorter.

The girls loved playing this one morning in the garden while the weather was nice. It’s completely transportable so if the weather wasn’t great it could be played inside too. It was really easy to put together and put away again and the girls played very happily with it together. It’s the sort of game that their little brother (3) would like too, as you don’t really need to follow the rules, you could just have fun throwing the hoops on!

What I liked about this game was that the girls could take turns so it helps promote sharing and learning to take turns when playing a game. It’s also not your typical sit down game so they were up and about and moving while playing it which is nice and better for their physical activity levels. It really helps them to work on their co-ordination skills too. I think this game will get lots of use in our house!

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Wobbly Worm Review

Disclosure – we were gifted this item for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own. *This post also contains affiliate links. 


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