Get the kids in the kitchen with these Harry Potter inspired recipes

We’re a household of Harry Potter lovers and for a while now we’ve been talking about going on the Harry Potter Tour. I think it’d be a magical experience to take the kids around the Hogwarts Castle, see the Hogwarts Express and sample some authentic butterbeer. But in the meantime, I’ve been looking up some Harry Potter inspired recipes that I can make with the kids to recreate a bit of Hogwarts at home.

It would seem that wizards and witches have a very sweet tooth as there aren’t many savoury foods mentioned in the books or films, but I don’t think the kids will mind too much. I have included a couple of recipes that aren’t actually from Harry Potter but are magic-themed, as I thought they were particularly delicious or easy to make.

Wobbly chocolate frogs

Add a little gelatine to some melted chocolate and you’ll have some tasty treats that wobble and mimic the movement of the chocolate frogs in the Philosopher’s Stone. You’ll need to invest in a frog-shaped mould to make them but they’re really effective once set in the fridge – and very tasty to boot!

Butterbeer cupcakes

Ah, butterbeer. Perhaps the most well-known of all treats available in the wizarding world. If you don’t think the kids will like the drink, they’re sure to like these butterbeer cupcakes. It’s safe to say they’re decadent – the brown sugar cupcakes are infused with cream soda and butter flavours, filled with a butterscotch ganache, topped with a rich butterscotch buttercream, and drizzled with even more butterscotch ganache!

butterbeer cupcakes

Pumpkin Pasties

We’d better get a savoury recipe in here, so it’s worth remembering that pumpkin pasties are sold from the trolley on the Hogwarts Express. A bit like a Cornish pasty, they’re filled with pumpkin so are a good veggie option.

Treacle tart

In the Philosopher’s Stone we find out that Harry’s favourite food is treacle tart, and it happens to be one of mine too. An easy one to make with the kids, it’s best served warm with ice cream.

Pretzel and cheese broomsticks

An easy treat that doesn’t actually feature in the films but represents Harry’s broomstick, these pretzel and cheese broomsticks are super easy to make with the kids as they only have three ingredients – one of which is optional!

Knickerbocker Glory

You might remember Dudley Dursley ordering Knickerbocker Glory for his birthday at the zoo, only to have a tantrum as it didn’t have enough ice cream. Never fear with this recipe as there’s plenty of ice cream, as well as fruit.

Mrs Weasley’s English toffee

A great idea to replicate for Easter, in the Goblet of Fire Mrs Weasley sent both Ron and Harry a package of Easter eggs the size of dragon eggs that were full of homemade toffee. It’s an easy treat to make yourself at home (although your eggs don’t need to be dragon size!).

What recipes do your kids love experimenting with? Let me know in the comments.

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harry potter inspired recipes



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  1. October 3, 2017 / 7:44 pm

    Great post. I am doing a Harry Potter Birthday for my son and you gave me inspiration to not just do simple chocolate frogs, but wobbly ones! Could you please let me know if you have to blossom the gelatin first or how you make them? Thanks so much.

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