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Gro Clock Review

Does your little one wake really early in the morning? My five year old can’t tell the time yet and in the summer months when the mornings are light and bright she often wakes up early and comes into our bedroom as she thinks it is morning. I don’t mind too much as I am an early riser and she is easily entertained with the iPad while I catch up on social media and blogs but losing out on the extra hour or two of sleep each day takes its toll on her by the end of the week.

We were recently sent a Gro Clock to review and I thought it would be perfect for Little Miss J as she went into her own bedroom in the new house.

The Gro Clock is a revolutionary product for small children which works almost in reverse to how an alarm clock works for us grown ups! You can set it for a time that you think it is acceptable for them to wake up (we set ours for 7am) and the sleepy blue star on the dial will turn into a yellow sun when it is time to wake up. The idea is that if your child wakes up when it is still too early, they will see the blue star and realise it is still night time and go back to sleep.

gro clock review

The clock came with a little story book which was really great for explaining the concept to Little Miss J. She loved setting the clock each night and watching the star sleep and the gentle glow given out by the clock was very comforting to her I think. She is exactly the type of child who would wake too early because she didn’t know the time and so it worked really well on her, and she hasn’t come down once because she has awoken too soon since she has had the clock.

I also think that for her, the clock has helped her feel less alone in her new bedroom. The clock is like a reassuring presence in her room and she feels comforted by it. I think she feels less alone because the clock will help her know when it is morning and she was worried that otherwise she wouldn’t know without her big sister being there.

If you have a younger child, the way the colours change in the morning is a really easy way for them to understand what the time is and there is also an option to add a digital clock to the display for older children who are starting to learn the time. I love this because it shows that the clock can grow with your child. Little Miss J is beyond daytime naps but you can also set it to work for daytime naps or even quiet time in the day which will be really useful when Baby S is a little older and starts to fight his naps and needs quiet time or encouragement to stay in his room until the end of nap time.

gro clock

Does your little one struggle to stay in bed in the mornings? I’d definitely recommend a Gro Clock, especially with the summer mornings approaching!

Disclosure – we were gifted a Gro Clock for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and my own. 



  1. April 20, 2016 / 4:36 pm

    I definitely like the idea behind this clock. Kids come to understand the importance of waking up on time before they’re able to tell time just by watching parents, so it’s important to give them a way to know when it’s the right time to get up. Having the simpler visual cue for “wake up time” seems like a great way to let a child know when it’s time to get the day going, even if they’re still working on their timing. Thanks for sharing!

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