Stretch Armstrong Vac Man and Stretch X Ray Review

Are your kids totally into anything squashy or stretchy at the moment? Mine are, I think it’s a result of their recent slime obsession! Well, these two new toys they have been sent were big hits!

Do you remember Stretch Armstrong toys from your youth? I do, and I remember how much fun they were. These two new toys are just as much fun.

Stretch Armstrong Stretch X-Ray is a transparent stretch monster. You can stretch his arms, legs and body and he will return to normal size. My kids loved that you could see his internal organs as you do this (gross!).

Vac-Man is a little different. You pump out the air by pumping the head and then you can stretch and crack him into whatever shape you like. He’ll stay in this position until you press the button on his head. He stretches in all sorts of ways too!

You can watch a video review of these toys over on my YouTube channel here.


These toys will keep your kids entertained that’s for sure, and I really like that two can play with them too, as they try to stretch them as far as they will go! Vac-Man retails at £16.99 and can be bought on Amazon here (affiliate link) and Stretch X-Ray can be bought for £10.99 here (again an Amazon affiliate link).

Disclosure – we were gifted these toys for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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