Where to look when in need of some design inspiration

When you’re feeling a little stuck for interior design inspiration, it can be hard to know where to look to reignite the spark and come up with some new design ideas that will breathe some new life into a tired look.

But don’t despair—here are some sure-fire winners that are sure to give you a little inspiration when it’s time for an update.

Social media

By far the easiest way to tap into the world of interior design, social media grants you instant access to all the latest trends in furniture, art, decorative pieces and styling from the comfort of your sofa.

Pinterest has fast become the go-to for brainstorming new ideas and interior inspiration because of its ability to connect you to an endless supply of images posted by other users, which you can then pin to create your own inspiration or ‘vision’ boards and build your ideal design and styling concepts.

Then of course there’s Instagram and Facebook. Every cutting-edge interior designer and home retailer uses Instagram and Facebook to showcase their latest work and creations, with many even offering you the option to purchase some items directly through the app.

Check out what the new home builders are doing

To stay ahead of the game, new home builders are always at the forefront of the latest in interior design—after all, if they’re not building homes that appeal to current buyers tastes, they’re going to be on the fast track to failure.

Not only do home construction companies like this Melbourne builder showcase all their latest home designs and interior schemes for you to peruse on their websites, but many will also allow you to sample their designs first-hand at a display centre.

If you do pay a visit to a display home, make sure you take note of the materials, fittings, fixtures and colour schemes they’re using to get a feel for what’s on trend.

Do a little window shopping

Sometimes the best way to get some design inspiration is by simply walking around a few homeware retail stores to see and touch all the latest products, colours and styles.

Retail stores typically also employ professional product merchandisers to set up carefully curated displays to present products in the best light, which can be a great to generate some new styling ideas which are easy to adopt in your own home.

Try out a design app

In an age where our phones are our best friends, it’s safe to say there’s an app for everything—and interior design is no exception.

There are plenty of interior design apps on the market that allow you to take photos of your home and sample what it would look like if you changed various colours or items in the room. If you’ve ever wondered if a purple feature wall or dark grey carpets would be a show-stopping feature or a complete mistake, these apps give you a taste of what it will look like before you commit to it.

Then there are even some apps like Design Home turn interior design into a game, where you can put your interior design skills to the test against other players to earn currency to purchase new pieces for your virtual home. Enjoy!



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