5 Reasons To Love Cheshire

Right alongside the border of Wales is the wonderful country of Cheshire. I absolutely love Cheshire and visit when I can, because it is home to so many great attractions, places to visit, wonderful homes and countryside and some amazing shops! Once upon a time I had plans to live in Chester, and I definitely wouldn’t rule out a move in that direction one day.
There are many reasons to love Cheshire, but I’m just going to give you five. Laurus Homes have put together a really informative infographic all about Cheshire that shows new Cheshire developments, the great things about living in Cheshire and the history of the Cheshire property industry. Have a good read of that at the bottom of this post, especially if you are looking for new homes in the north west.

Period properties

I love period properties and there are so many to find in Cheshire. I love the look of the old beams, especially on the shops in Chester city centre and I love how new build properties and places have adopted a more period look that is in keeping with the great history of the area.

So much to do for children
There is so much to do for children in this area. Some of the bigger attractions are Chester Zoo (the best zoo I have ever visited by the way!), The Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port is amazing too and home to Europe’s largest collection of sharks! There is also a Go Ape Centre, Gulliver’s World, Botanic Gardens and plenty of outdoor places to explore.
Broad range of house prices
For a county that has a reputation as being for the wealthy, if you have a smaller budget don’t fear because you will be able to find something. There are a broad spectrum of properties on the market in Cheshire, and some areas are more budget friendly than others. Largely though property in this area is likely to be a good investment.
There are some big businesses employing in the Cheshire area and transport links are good so employment prospects are great. Take a look at the infographic below for more detail of some of the larger business employing in the area. You aren’t far from the big cities of Chester, Manchester and Liverpool too if you wanted to commute into a city for better job prospects.
Cheshire is home to my absolute favourite place to go shopping – Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village. I love visiting here before Christmas to pick up some designer bargains and they really do have some great shops here. Chester City Centre is another big favourite of mine for shopping – I love the feel of the place with it’s period friendly buildings and again you will find all the shops you need here for some well deserved retail therapy!
There is much more detail in the infographic below about Cheshire, do leave me a comment if you live in the area – what do you really like about it?
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5 Reasons To Love Cheshire


  1. November 22, 2018 / 12:51 pm

    There are lots of lovely places to visit isn’t there. I live in Chester now originally from Manchester. I love being close to Wales such a beautiful place.

    • November 23, 2018 / 9:03 am

      I love Chester! And yes it’s great its so close to Wales!

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